About the Maker

My shop is a sanctuary where I can free-wheel pursue my interests. Just an old barn on first blush; it contains the treasures and shipwrecks of three decades. Ripple molding and the thought of its production processes have deeply held my interest for much of this time; the complexities involved feeding my curiosity.

Ripple moldings are intriguing. I would run my finger along the ripple molding of my childhood dresser and wonder how it was made. Later I came to realize that ripple molding was no longer being produced and had not been for many years. I found that the methods used to create it largely forgotten. Then an issue of Fine Woodworking arrived in my mailbox with an article about ripple molding that featured someone who was making short pieces of ripple molding he used to reproduce certain clocks by J.C. Brown. I fell in love with the clocks and even more so with the idea that these moldings were not extinct. I began working on my own waving engine; building on what I cloud decipher from this one small article combined with scant input from other sources. (pre-internet)

As a fan of lost art press; I happily include a link here that shows these wonderful works of early engineering.

- Tom 

see https://blog.lostartpress.com/2016/12/01/s-36-of-the-waving-engine/